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frootijen said try... so I'm here to see if I have what it takes.

Name: James John Philip McCormick... damn Roman Catholicism

Age: 23 going on... 24. Thought I would be witty, didn't you?

Location: Brooklyn, New York... Where you can walk one block and see a Starbucks and go the other way and be in the middle of the projects.

What does your Live Journal name mean? Loving Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I always knew Wonka killed the kids who he thought were wicked. As I got older, I would tell this to people and they would sit back, think and say, "James, you're right." I knew I was, wanted to start a band called Wonka Kills Kids, never did that, but then I got this livejournal and said, "Wonkakillskids will be the name that will bring me fame in the lj world." That and it's just cool to say.

If could have any superhero power, what would it be? Or what superhero would you be? Alot of people say Superman but that isn't fun. I mean, come on! Superman is invincible, big whoop. I'd like to just get by everyday with a cool gadget of some sort. Batman has too many mental issues, so he's a no no. Growing up, I was always a big fan of Green Lantern, because Hal Jordan is a normal man who uses his mind in order to use the emerald ring to his advantage. The stronger your will, the stronger your power. Yes, I'm a big time comic nerd.

Top 5’s:


Straight Edge kids who think they are cool for not drinking/smoking/having sex... yet never doing any of those in order to know if that was bad for them or not. I've lived the life of a 65 year old in my 23 years on earth. Now I can truly say I've lived a lifetime.

People that whine all the time when they can't get their way. Too many people on livejournal do this. It is evil.

Customers I've dealt with at every retail job I've ever had. Maybe a good 90% should be killed via pens to their ears for being the biggest morons I've ever known. One example being the customer who came into K-Mart and then asked me where the exit was, even though there was clearly one large entry way to get in and out of. Death to all!

Sprite Remix, green ketchup and any other 'extreme' food product. What ever happened to normal flavors?

Remakes of films that don't ever need to be tarnished. All the horror films are going through this 'revival' of sorts, and I'm happy that horror movies gets more money to make films, but a new Dawn of the Dead? What's next? Return of the Living Dead remake?? I know frootijen and I will go apeshit over that one. Hollywood just needs to be a little more original... but wait, they've been stealing and rehashing ideas since the days of Citizen Kane.


Horror films. I can live off of those only and live a great life full of gorey glee.

Vinyl. I've been collecting records for years and have a collection of about 500 or so records. And I have about 30 cds. See which ones I prefer? Most of the time I just get new albums on vinyl or I let my brother get the album so I can judge it like that.

Writing. Fiction or non-fiction. If it wasn't in my life I think I'd go insane. When I need to rant, I will always have a pen a pad with me to put down a few words which spill into sentences and then into intricate stories.

My girlfriend. You must realize, I've had the worst luck with girls EVER. So when Danyell came along, I was at my most severe guard, and sure enough it has worked out to my benefit, through thick and thin and life hasn't been this good since... shit, ever.

My Felix the Cat watch. I mean, Felix the Cat just rocks plus people always grab my arm to gasp at how cool it is. I believe it was mine when I was 7 years old and I found it again a year ago and always rock the hell out of it.

MOVIES: This changes every so often, but these are the constants...

Evil Dead II
Starship Troopers
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

RECORDS (not mp3 playlist): These are the records I've been spinning on my turntable as of late...

Queen - A Night at the Opera
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Get Happy!
The Cars - Self Titled
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Hood
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue


I'm always told by others that I'm the most interesting and charismatic person they've ever met. I think it's the aviator shades I own. That and my ability to be witty even in the most awkward of situations. I have killer taste in movies (be it horror, comedy, black comedy, disturbing films, classic... I'm a movie database) and music (anything from underground hip hop to old school country... whatever is good will be listened to me). Loving Crispin Glover, no matter how creepy he gets (more so). Listen to the album he made in 1989. Download the song Clowny Clown Clown. Loving doo wop. Getting hit on by people because of my intelligence more so over my looks and then telling the gals and guys that I'm taken. I guess I'm sort of a heartbreaker. I can quote about 25 different movies from front to back, thus annoying people who watch movies with me or amazing them to the point where their mouths are on the floor. Loving japanese pop music to the point where I will go on ebay, searching for anything that resembles it. Just various things... some people think I'm lame, others think I'm the cat's meow. Did I just say cat's meow in normal 'conversation'?

Other Stuff


I've learned much in my 23 years on this planet. But the most important thing would be to never, and I mean never, date girls that smell like fish in their private area, pee the floor because they're excited to see you or have stubble on their stomach. And these examples are three seperate occasions.


Favorite food used to be chicken cutlets... but this is when I ate meat. 3 years later, experimenting with different recipes for vegetarian meals, I've gotten accustomed with making a teriyaki induced stir fry with veggies and tofu/fake meat. I have to say I've tricked many of my friends and family with these gourmet meal.


Male would be either Bruce Campbell (King of the B-Movies) or Jeffrey Combs (Prince of the B-Movies). I'll go with Jeffrey Combs because I spoke to him recently and interviewed him and I have to say he's one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to speak to and he's done roughly 10 movies I'm in love with... plus he's just creepy and bad ass. Female would probably be Ava Garder. Style. Grace. Beauty. And a good head on her shoulders, proving women of yesterday had the class and style to put most women today into shame. But hey, I'm a lover of old movies.

As you can tell, I talk alot.
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