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Name: Raven (yes, this is my real name)

Age: 15
( the info said if I was coming from the ujournal
community, the age limit did not apply to me, and my username on there
is blowmebimbo)

Virginia Beach, VA

What does your Live Journal name mean? It's from a SNOG song. It's a bit of sarcasm to the whole thought of war...

If could have any superhero power, what would it be? Or what superhero would you be?
though everyone says this- Invisibility. Although very cliche, still
very interesting. I'm curious as to what's being said behind my back.
[Hooray for paranoia]

Top 5’s:

Things that are lame:
racism, homophobia, Dubbya, baby goths that live in Hot SHITopic, RAPE

Things that are cool: Drag queens,  feminism,  gay pride,  paint shop pro, guitars

rocky horror picture shot, hedwig & the angry inch,  the color
purple (i've seen that movie like 8000 times since i was like.. 11),
Live!tonight! sold out! (yay for nirvana obsessions), May

I can never make up my mind, so I'll do the genre's as far as the 5 limit goes.

Grunge-  Nirvana- bleach    Hole- Live Through This

Riot Grrrl-  Bikini Kill- cd version of the first 2 records   Le Tigre- self titled

Deathrock-  Christian Death- Iconologia

Goth rock-
Siouxsie & the banshees- hyaena

industrial- :wumpscut:- bone peeler

Other Stuff

What's the most important thing you've ever learned? 
not expect everyone to have an open mind.  Not everyone in the
world will be so open to feminism or gay pride, so I shouldn't force my
beliefs and opinions on them, but I can still try to show them a
different point of view.

What's your favorite food? CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH!

Who do you think is a good role model within the world of hollywood?  hollywood? Hmmm.
if by hollywood, you mean famous- then Kathleen Hanna. She's one of the
people that got me into women's rights, and activism.

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